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MediTrans Staff Secondment Rules:

  1. Any Personnel from the MediTransConsortium can attend the premises of any other MediTransConsortium Member based upon prior agreement between both organisations.

  2. Each individual secondment should last up to 5 working days.

  3. Secondment activities can include: technology practices, technology demonstrations, discussion forums, working groups etc.

  4. Training at Consortium Members’ own facilities and at external events can be included as a staff secondment, but must be justifiably relevant to the Project.

  5. Applications can be initiated by the secondee or by the host, but must be jointly completed by the secondee and by the host

  6. The evaluators will set a deadline for the completion of the secondment

  7. Initially, secondments will be limited to one per partner organisation

  8. Upon completion of a secondment each secondee is required to complete a one page summary report of their activities which should include; benefits obtained, total cost of secondment and recommendation for future improvements, plus any additional information you feel is relevant.

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