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Forthcoming MEDITRANS course

MEDITRANS Training Course

MEDITRANS will develop targeted training courses for SMEs and other participants. These courses will help to improve SMEs' Research and Development competitiveness.

All MEDITRANS training courses have now been completed.

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Recommended ‘Advanced Drug Delivery’ courses
MEDITRANS’ participants are encouraged to participate in the following existing courses on advanced drug delivery and medical imaging:

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Training material

Training course, and other training material, will be available to download in PDF format from the box below once it becomes available.


These files are available in PDF format. In order to view and print PDF documents you will need to have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. This free software is available at:

MEDITRANS members will also be able to find training material in the MEDITRANS members’ area of the website.

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Exchange programme for MEDITRANS young scientists

The exchange programme for MEDITRANS young scientists will give young scientists the opportunity to go on secondment to another partner’s laboratory for several days or months. Young researchers will gain hands-on experience in techniques that are not currently being used in their own laboratory and will be trained in MEDITRANS’ methodologies, technologies and practices. Secondments will be funded on a “quid pro quo” basis with young scientists being exchanged between laboratories. Secondees will prepare an exchange report on “lessons learned” at the end of the secondment.


  • Any Personnel from the MEDITRANS Consortium can attend the premises of any other MEDITRANS Consortium Member based upon prior agreement between both organisations
  • Each individual secondment should last at least 5 working days
  • Secondment activities should be decided by both parties
  • Applications can be initiated by the secondee or by the host, but applications must be jointly completed [i.e. by the secondee and by the host]
  • Upon completion of a secondment each secondee is required to complete a one page summary report of their activities which should include; benefits obtained, recommendations for future improvements, plus any additional information you feel is relevant

If you are in the MEDITRANS consortium and would like to go on secondment to another MEDITRANS members’ laboratory please complete and submit the ‘Staff Secondment Application Form’ on the Members’ area of the website.

Alternatively please use the MEDITRANS Forum to discuss your availability to go on secondment or to host a secondee.

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PhD student Networking

MEDITRANS aims to encourage networking and interaction between PhD students from MEDITRANS partner organisations. PhD students will have the opportunity to meet with each other during project meetings in order to exchange ideas and to discuss research problems, etc. on a peer level. The MEDITRANS Forum is also available for your use.

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GALENOS - Network of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The GALENOS Network of Pharmaceutical Sciences ( is co-ordinated by Universität des Saarlandes (UDS).

MEDITRANS partners are invited to join this Network and to participate in its activities. The partners, who join, will be eligible to attend 10-day training courses on “how to overcome biological barriers using advanced carrier systems”. These courses will be highly interactive, with lectures, classes, group work, problem-based assignments, and demonstrations.

If you are in the MEDITRANS consortium and would like to apply for the Euro PhD please complete and submit the ‘Euro PhD Registration Form’ on the Members’ area of the website.

Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany

Galenos Central Network Office (CNO)
Prof. Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr

Tel: +49 681 302-2039
Fax: +49 681 302-4677

e-mail: [email protected]

Galenos – background information

Founded in 1995, the GALENOS Network in pharmaceutical sciences was formed to promote and foster the training of young scientists in the area of Advanced Drug Delivery. The network has now grown in size to comprise over 50 European university partners from geographically diverse countries throughout Europe. Each partner is represented by a university department, which is involved in education and training within the Pharmaceutical Sciences and is active in Advanced Drug Delivery research. In addition to partners from universities, the GALENOS Network also includes, among its members, a number of corporate organisations from the pharmaceutical industry. All commercial levels of this sector are represented. One of the outstanding GALENOS Network initiatives, toward interdisciplinary and intercultural training, has been the establishment of a formal European postgraduate certificate, to be awarded through the Network, and administered through the Network’s co-ordinating institute (UDS). This certificate, entitled Euro-PhD in Advanced Drug Delivery (Euro-PhD) is intended to be uniformly recognised as verification of the awardee’s knowledge and training within this discipline. It provides an additional qualification to be awarded once a candidate has successfully completed a doctoral (PhD) thesis in a subject relevant to drug delivery.

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